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HRH went to grant medical equipment under the GOOD HEALTH GOOD HEART project to the Thonburi Women Correctional Institution.
On 16 March 2020 at 2 p.m. HRH Princess Bajrakitiyabha Narendiradebyavati Kromluangrajasarinisiribajra Mahavajrarajadhita went to grant medical equipment under the GOOD HEALTH GOOD HEART project to the Thonburi Women Correctional Institution and the special Female Correctional Institution in the name of His Majesty the King. The Thonburi Women Correctional Institution is considered to be the 21st target prison that runs various activities. Hence, HRH granted medical equipment to the Director of the Thonburi Women Correctional Institution and the Director of the special Female Correctional Institution. Furthermore, HRH donated books to be put in the Corrections Health Corner PanSuk as well as and a television device to the volunteers of the project at both places. HRH also, opened a cover for the Health Corrections PanSuk corner in both hospitals, and gave royal hospital bags to the sick, elderly and disabled inmates. The Thonburi Woman Correctional Institution, is a prison that detects female inmates in a relatively cramped area but due to the initiative of His Majesty the King and Her Majesty the Queen and their royal GOOD HEALTH GOOD HEART project, their prison system provides health care for inmates, even with its limited space,  having guidelines for all inmates to take care of their health by exercising twice daily, in the morning and afternoon. This is seen as turning an issue into an opportunity, as in addition to the activities related to physical health the Thonburi Women's Correctional Institution is adjacent to the Bang Bon Canal and its agriculture next to the prison. Therefore, ways of volunteering for female inmates have been introduced to not only teach them about how to keep the river clean but to also widen their horizons and broaden their thinking to consider the common benefits of having good habits to take with them when leaving the prison in order to be a good citizen. In addition, the water in the canals benefit from the activity, as inmates grow conscious about how to treat the environment and not throw garbage in the Bang Bo Canal. Furthermore, the Women's Correctional Institution has a psychosocial clinic helping with the mental health issues in the judicial process. The clinic is a project resulting from the cooperation of 11 agencies, consisting of 1. Office of the Health Promotion Fund (SorSor.), 2. Department of Mental Health and Department of Medical Services, 3. Office of the Narcotics Control Board (NCC), 4. Office of the Court of Justice , 5. Department of Probation, 6. Department of Women's Affairs and Family Development, 7. Pathum Thani Provincial Court, 8. Taling Chan Provincial Court, 9. Thonburi Criminal Court, 10. Nonthaburi Provincial Court and 11. The Chiang Mai Provincial Court. The clinic offers the inmates coming from misdemeanours such as drug use and violence a mental health care in order to to reduce stress through a counselling course designed by the Galya Rajanagarindra Institute, including addiction management, family counselling as well as group counselling. Volunteers are taking on the roles of facilitators and encourage the inmates as well as being a life coach and asking about life goals and future wishes. In order to rehabilitate the inmates back into society the program tries to offer education, occupation, and welfare that is equal to others. Therefore, the project included the role of an educator on mental health (Psycho-Educator) in order to give the inmates access to health services in the case that their counsellor considers that their health problems are beyond the capabilities of the psychosocial clinic. In 2017 the Thonburi Criminal Court consulted 1,180 cases but found only 2 cases of crimes, or 0.2 per cent, which is an important evidence that shows the results are positive. Additionally, the Nonthaburi Provincial Court, Taling Chan, Pathum Thani, Chiang Mai had similar numbers of results, which is an evidence of the success that the psychosocial clinic helps people understand themselves and their situation more, which makes them change their ways of thinking and behaviors and help them cope with various challenges in life. Regarding the situation of inmates who are ill in Thonburi Women Correctional Institution, the prison holds a total of 1,166 inmates, with 154 inmates suffering from chronic diseases and female special inmate treatment. In the special Female Correctional Institution there are a total of 1,880 inmates with a total of 152 inmates suffering from chronic diseases.


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